Updated 21 March 2017…

Over the course of a three day auction, with 100+ artists participating, more than $5000 dollars was raised. I am both humbled to a part of such a collective of artisans and proud. Thank you to all who took part and especially to Laura Fedorowicz, artist and friend extraordinaire who not only ran the whole kit and caboodle but in the midst of it gave birth to a beautiful baby girl without missing a step – XO

The first fundraiser for 2017 is one that I am SUPER humbled to partake in is “Art Love for Leah”. It was brought to fruition by two of my longest and bestest instabuddies Laura Fedorowicz and Melissa Mary Jenkins .

Leah was one of my first supporters, she sent me my very first piece of art collected from the amazing artists on Instagram and she is a beautiful soul inside and out. She makes me laugh out loud on daily basis. She is sweet, sassy and super talented. I have  a lot of love in my heart for this woman and I cannot wait to lend a hand…or a painting or a few.

Her story can be read here.

Please pop over, follow along and perhaps pick up a new piece from the incredible artists that partaking in this auction. I will guarantee you will not be disappointed.


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