Artist Bio & Statement


Eva is a contemporary artist with an emphasis on abstractions. Her works are predominately crafted in brilliantly bold palettes that she creates by intuitively building layer upon layer of texture through different mediums and paints. Native to New York City, she spent her youth studying the works of master artists in the many local museums and galleries.

Prior to working in the artistic field of painting, Eva spent 13 years serving as both a graphic designer and photographer for the US Army, during which her highly awarded works won her many accolades.

Her current artworks are heavily influenced by mid century modern design with the textures noted as having a sculpture effect often found in encaustic work, this trademark approach often has the viewer stating that they wish to “reach out and touch” the painting.

“When I am in front of the canvas we partake in a dance as I work to place down colors and texture that will awaken a perception in the viewer. Sometimes that dance is a mosh, but that’s what makes it mine”.

Her paintings are held in private collections worldwide and can be purchased through her shop or several online boutiques.

In 2016 Eva relocated to the Poconos in Pennsylvania, where her mountaintop studio is now surrounded by nature. Windowsills are lined with her vast crystal collections and plants flourishing throughout, the studio sits high, giving the appearance of being in an actual tree-house.

When she does not have brushes in hand Eva has several other hobbies to keep her busy, including gaming, photography and archery. Downtime you can find her crashed in a hammock enjoying the cool lake breezes or snuggled in the media room, with her pets watching vintage horror flicks.



An infinite array of outside influences impact my work causing them to shift in both palette and composition, I have always been an observer, studying every detail my eyes could capture in the world around me; that in hand with remaining mindful truly enables me to find perpetual inspiration.

Once I approach the canvas everything in turn flows quite intuitively and I often feel as if I am in a meditative state while painting. I do not intently create towards a goal of what I desire the viewer to see, therefore the composition will shift many times as layers are added. My main objective and what I aspire to achieve in the finale rather is an artwork that evokes feelings and emotions for the viewer through color theories and compositions, which is primarily why I truly savor working abstractly.

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