Summertime 17

Ihave abandoned technology for the most part this summer, with the exception of photography and maybe checking on concert tickets. 

It’s quite liberating I must add. 

I also abandoned the brushes, not so liberating but a break to rejuvenate is good for the creative forces. Back in the studio today – packing up a few smaller pieces for a show, enjoying the peaceful lake breezes dancing in the treetops. I’ll savor these few hours as I have a summer to return to and as usual it’s been a busy one. 

Concerts, travel, planes and trains, chance encounters, long lost friends found, more concerts, yoga under the treetops, whiskey at the bonfire, barbecue, beach….repeat.

 WANDERLUST tank being filled. Life is delicious when properly enjoyed.

But mid-way through I thought a check in might be in order, so as we rolled into August I had a few lovely emails roll my way, one being an announcement for my clients.

I have been accepted to sell through Zatista.  They are highly curated and they are rocking the art market. I have added a few larger scale pieces and will over the next few weeks add others that have not been scooped yet. One less thing to juggle on my plate is always welcomed.

I do still intend to offer pre-sales on collections prior for the newsletter recipients, and will continue to offer commissions, but as of right now September through October is booked. 

Lastly, before I peace out into the woods again – I encourage everyone to drop their tech for a few days and reconnect with yourself, with your loved ones and with the amazing world going on around us. Savor every second because it goes by so quick. 

XX – Eva