Horns Up Project

For the last few months, I have aching to do a personal project, that I could work on as time allowed and reflect a large piece of who I am in my artwork.  There was no desire for some random Instagram project, this one had to be personal, mine, because that was the only way I would hold myself accountable to it. Somehow I knew I needed to tie music into it, but how was I going to marry such a vast and tremendous influence into my style of abstracts was where I became hung up. 

I went through sketchbooks, trying different ideas. 

“Bullocks” 40×40 Mixed media on canvas. NFS. Ever.

I questioned going the route of my beloved and never to be sold “Bullocks” painting that resides in my home with me. But it didn’t seem quite right, I longed to produce an end result that reflected the journey from the musical influence that was specifically chosen for each piece to the artist I am today and the one that I continue to grow towards. 

I pondered, contemplated and pondered some more. 

And then Eruption came on the radio…

(not the crap cut version they play with You Really Got Me. Full Eruption – treat yoself it’s linked ) and I knew Eddie Van Halen was going to be the first out of the gate and a flood of ideas poured forth from my brain. My brain erupted during Eruption.  For weeks I took notes, created lists, mood boards, and voice notes, written notes and was the birth of the #hornsupproject 

Luckily many moons ago, I was born into a family of music lovers.

With my big brothers guiding the way, I grew up on the likes of Zeppelin, The Sex Pistols, Clash and KISS. At five I swiped Houses of the Holy from their collection while they were out and froze in horror when they returned home ahead of schedule. My little self had broken a code and taken one of the greatest rock albums ever to grace the marble of Earth from their vault. I shook as I handed it back, bracing for a smack upside my head. Instead the most wonderful happening occurred. 

“I’ll make you a copy” my brother said smiling and that began my musical journey up the stairway to heavenly rock and roll. 

By eight my stereo was set up in the most delightful fashion, with a timer plug so that I didn’t need an alarm clock, alarm clocks suck, why wake up to this little speaker when I could wake up the stereo? I would carefully select the album that would kick off my morning festivities….but I can clearly recall having Peter Chriss’ drum solo from 100,000 years of the Alive II album holding the slot for quit some time. 

Memorial Day and 4th of July Hendrix’s version of the Star Spangled Banner replaced the message on our answering machine. Some people would leave annoyed messages that they had to sit through it. They were deleted. I knew what Billy Idol is to GenX. I know when reading credits who Glimmer Twins are. I know punk rock is not Green Day in my book and sorry Dio but Ozzy reigns supreme as Sabbath’s lead. 

There are no rules to my horns up project, no timelines, no worries. Each influence piece will be started small, on a 4×6 paper and possibly progressed from that point. Basically I am building a collection that is my abstract interpretation of something I took away from music. Currently the list is composed of 218 rough ideas, some are songs, some are lyrics, some is an artist directly or something that has to do with the artist. It only had to move me in some way shape or form. Will they all become paintings, I cannot answer that as of yet but I can say I am excited to see where it. goes. 

I had no intent to blog about this, but once I began I realized there will be too much to be said from my standpoint on each piece that I have to keep some type of written record for it to fully be understood.

I already started. And number one has a canvas and cool story attached….he’ll be here shortly, but here’s a little sneak peek at the 4×6’s. 

Happy Memorial Day weekend – make sure you get a dose of Jimi

XX- Eva

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